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Solo by Choice: Where to Find It

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Last Friday’s New York Law Journal carried this story (subscription req’d.) about me and my book Solo by Choice.  The story apparently contributed to an increase in book sales, so once again, Solo by Choice is not currently available on Amazon (that’s of this morning, 3/11/08).  However, you can always purchase the book for the $45 cover price (no shipping) from my publisher Decision Books.  The direct link to purchase is here.

If you do buy the book, I am always happy to receive feedback – positive or negative.  Since I feature both Author’s Cuts (written material that didn’t make it into the book) and Pocket Parts (book supplements) here, I’d be happy to amplify topics where there’s a need for more information or write about issues that I didn’t discuss in the book.  I’m fast learning that even after a book goes to press and comes out in print, it’s forever a work in progress.

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