Hope to Meet You At ABA Tech Show

I know that I have blogging to thank for my invitation to speak at this year’s ABA Tech Show and I am incredibly excited.  I consider myself fortunate because I’m really a practical technologist at heart, rather than a gadgety person.  I choose technology in a practical manner, based strictly on how much it costs and what it can do to help me right now.  And I implement it on a strictly "need to know basis" – using only those features that will support my goals and ignoring all others.

I’ll be on two panelsBeating the Start Up Blues: A Tech Survival Guide for the New Small Office and Client Retention: Technology to Avoid the Seven Year Itch.  In the weeks leading up to the conference, I’ve been busy experimenting with a bunch of different applications, especially many of the low cost and free ones that I mentioned in this recent Tech Round Up.  I completed my written presentations several weeks ago, but I’m still working on the Power Point slides – so if you have any suggestions for products or ideas that I might include for either panel, let me know.  I realize that Tech Show is one of the more costly events, but this year, there is a $425/one day solo/small firm option designed to make the programs more accessible to solos. (and yes, I know that’s still high, especially for those traveling from out of state, but it’s cheaper than the $895 full fare cost or $795 cost for ABA members).  

If you do decide to attend Tech Show, please track me down and say hi. In th meantime, I’ll be reading these tips on planning for your first time at Tech Show.

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