Introducing Lawagora – A Marketplace of Events for Lawyers

I’ve just completed a new project that I’m rolling out tonight… – a marketplace of events for and by lawyers.  In the past few months, I’ve realized how many quality events, on and offline are available for lawyers – yet we often never hear about them because the publicity is either ad hoc, or directed at a speaker’s mailing list, which others may not know about.  So I saw  a need for a centralized location for all types of events of interest to lawyers, identified as a decent platform and set it up in beta. 

Below is an instructional video on all of the potential uses for  and features of Lawagora (it’s a little blurry, I am still learning how to tape my screen).  But to make the site work, I need your input.  So visit the site and add your events – webinars, bar events or events for lawyers by other lawyer or non-lawyer providers. 
Find more videos like this on Lawagora

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