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Law Marketing in a Time of Less Than Plenty Now Up At Nolo

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My post, Legal Marketing in A Time of Less Than Plenty is up at Nolo’s Legal Marketing Blawg, with lessons for lawyers drawn from what retailers are doing to keep sales stable in a wobbly economy.  Here’s the opener:

Though we lawyers prefer to think otherwise, for many consumers and small businesses, legal services are a discretionary expenditure.  In times of less-than-plenty, consumer clients may decide that estate planning can wait, while small businesses may choose to make do with do-it-yourself contracts even in complex situations where retaining a lawyer would make more sense.  Couples are even putting off divorce in part because of the costs associated with the divorce process itself!

So what can lawyers do to make procurement of legal services more palatable for clients in lean times?  For starters, they can take a lesson from some of the initiatives that retailers are adopting to retain customers and stimulate sales in the holiday season.  I’ve listed some of these measures below, and I’ll leave it to you to determine whether these ideas can work for your practice…read more



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