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Some Free Tools for Starting A Law Firm

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Two weeks ago, I presented a nearly full day CLE in Oregon on Solo by Choice in the Current Economy, with a summary by Beverly Michaelis, one of the Oregon Professional Liability Fund’s Practice Management Advisors.  But below are a couple of slides that I used for the Oregon program and others, highlighting many of the free products and services available to lawyers starting or running a law firm.  Though I don’t believe that it’s necessarily prudent or always cost-effective to run a law firm on freebies alone, free services, when used appropriately can give lawyers a wide range of capabilities that once would have been cost prohibitive.  And of course, don’t forget that yet another free tool for starting a law firm is MyShingle!

Take a look at these slides and please let me know about your favorite freebies in the comment section or your thoughts on some of the services that I’ve listed (I’ve used all of them at one time or another).

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