Solo Blogosphere Round Up

1.  Lisa Solomon takes on Westlaw – It shouldn’t take a detective to figure out the answer to one single question:  How much will WestlawNext cost? Yet, apparently, it does and so my friend, Lisa Solomon of Legal Research and Writing pro has been investigating.  Lisa hasn’t yet figured out the price, but she’s figured out something else: WestlawNext isn’t interested in the solo market.

2. Got a Bar Complaint? Get Tannebaum. Brian Tannebaum of MyLawLicense has another great e-book out, I Got a Bar Complaint which you can download by clicking on the URL.  Probably a good idea to read the ebook before you even get a complaint.

3. Newbie Solo Shows That Skills Training is Overrated: There’s a terrific solo success story here that’s been making the rounds on a bunch of blogs, about newbie lawyer and solo Wajahat Ali’s first case: fending off a foreclosure action for two terrified clients, already scammed once by another foreclosure attorney.  Ali’s training for the case?  He crammed for the case using Nolo books (disclosure: Nolo is a sponsor of MyShingle) and Internet research. Who says you need to learn skills in law school?

4. A Pair of Marketing Lessons: I have two new posts up at the Legal Marketing BlawgThree Es of Cold Emails and A Word About Logos.

5. Small law attorney Jim Reed of Ziff Law does some undercover work on a recent e-mail scam that’s nabbed several lawyers.  As an added bonus, Reed offers two suggestions to avoid getting duped: (1) don’t disburse funds til a check clears and (2) remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. H/T New York Personal Injury Attorney Blog.

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