Solos in The Mainstream Media

These days, getting your name in print – or digital print, anyway – isn’t all that difficult.  Most online publications content starved and you’re bound to find a few that will accept a guest blog post or article.

Getting face time in print media is another story.  Even though traditional newspapers are considered down for the count, it’s still tough to gain print coverage, particularly in mainstream, non-legal media.  So kudos to New Jersey solo Laura Mann and South Florida solo David Shulman for their recent turns in the spotlight.

Laura snagged a nice profile piece in her town’s local newspaper. How’d she do it? Originally, Laura had contacted the paper about taking out a paid ad. She got to chatting with the sales rep about the paper’s recently added business news section, and offered to write an article on relevant legal issues. A few hours later, a business section reporter emailed lawyer, offering to profile her firm.

David’s news coverage came about somewhat differently. For those following the blogosphere, David’s been making headlines around the blogosphere at sites like Above the Law for exposing a not-so-kosher Jewish Bar Association with some unsavory, and anti-semitic marketing tactics. David’s criticism resulted in removal of the ad (it had been placed on a bench right across the street from the courthouse) and yielded him coverage in the Sun Sentinel.  Moreover, David’s experience shows that quality blogging about controversial topics does pay off.

Whether online or in print, media coverage isn’t likely to drive a stream of paying clients to your door. Nevertheless, news coverage is an impressive credential and besides, it’s nice to receive public recognition every now and then. If you’ve gotten news coverage recently, please share the news with us at MyShingle.


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