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The Online Guide to Starting a Law Firm is Finally Here!

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Ever since I moved to this space, I’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting to publish the online guide that houses all of this site’s content in one enormous place. At the same time, I realize that I’ve also got some gaps in content – areas that need some bulking up, and the online guide lets me pinpoint those areas quickly.

It’s here – Online Guide to Starting A Law Firm (screenshot at left). After all, I had to keep pace with the ABA’s recently launched Smart Soloing Center, which truthfully, isn’t a bad effort – until you realize that half of the content is crowd-sourced from Solosez and other blogs, while at least half of theSolo News Stories pertain to misdeeds by biglaw attorneys.

Anyway, the MyShingle Online Guide is just the beginning of a bunch of new things coming up. I’m hoping to take a bit of a blogging break this last week of August, so unless anything else comes up, I’ll see you after Labor Day.

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