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The Way of Life

In just a few hours, my sweet Mira will step to the front of the synagogue on the occasion of her bat mitzvah.  Before family and friends, she will chant the parshat (Torah portion) where Moses speaks to the Jewish people for the last time before they cross the Jordan into Canaan. But Moses cannot accompany…

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A Bit of A Break & Crowdsourcing Request

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m taking a brief break. Between an out of town hearing last week, Jewish holidays, my younger daughter’s upcoming bat-mitzvah this weekend, a touch of writing block and most critically, a terrible cold, I just can’t muster the energy to post.  I’ll be back up and…

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Social Media and Lawyers’ Duty To Report

By now, you may have heard via Simple Justice or  Legal Ethics Forum about the news accounts  of the public defender who lost her job after posting a photo of her client’s leopard-print briefs on her Facebook page along with a caption suggesting that the underwear was the client’s family’s idea of proper court attire.  …

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More on Coworking Options for Lawyers

A few months ago, I questioned whether the real estate market is keeping pace with solo needs.  But options are increasing, not just for entrepreneurs looking for co-working space, but lawyers as well. For example, here’s an article about a Minneapolis attorney who’s now a co-working tenant after rejecting other options: Minneapolis attorney K.M. Davis…

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Why Great CLE Costs Good Money

A few weeks ago, Scott Greenfield bemoaned the demise of quality of continuing legal education (CLE) (if there ever was such a thing). As Scott observes, most CLE today consists either of panels of experienced lawyers who show up prepared with nothing but a bunch of war stories or fluff programs on marketing or ipad…

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Solos & StartUps: A Match Made in Heaven Or Clients from Hell?

Solos and startups seem like an ideal match.  Most obviously, startups don’t have the cash to hire in-house counsel or expensive mega-firms and solos can offer competitive rates and flexible service.  Solos also have the ability to better understand and accommodate the demands of start-ups since solos are essentially start-ups themselves.  For these reasons, experts…

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