Let MyShingle Salvage Your Summer With a FREE Chromebook Giveaway Sweepstakes!

In just five days, Memorial Day weekend will herald the official start of summer – though recent events may have already put a damper on your plans. For example, with a  ban on laptops in airport cabins  still up in the air  (pun intended), you may be fretting about how you can take that long-planned vacation if you can’t bring your work machine along for the ride. Or, maybe you’ve felt so time or resource constrained that you haven’t bothered to plan any time away from the office at all.

If that’s the situation that you currently find yourself in, MyShingle is here to help. This week, you can enter to win a FREE Acer Chromebook  – the same baby that  enabled me to enjoy my vacation overseas without worrying about having my computer searched at the border .  A Chromebook can also let you take advantage of some of the six ways that I suggested for getting more enjoyment out of your summer, even if you haven’t planned a formal trip.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch – and there’s no such thing as a free MyShingle giveaway without some reason behind it.  Here, my secret motive in holding this contest was to test out Amazon Giveaways – a cool service that’s been around for over a year that enables anyone to conduct an online contest to reward existing customers or clients and attract new ones.  Sure, you can set up a contest yourself by drafting up contest rules, asking participants to submit emails, figuring out a way to pick a winner, then boxing up a prize and sending it. Or, you can simply use Amazon’s FREE giveaway service and have all that work done for you – including monitoring the contest to ensure only one entry per account shipping the prize after a winner has been selected through Amazon’s randomized selection system.  If you think you might want to set up an Amazon contest, you can find the set-up page is here  and FAQs are here .

In the meantime, to enter the MyShingle contest, enter your email HERE, and you’ll receive an email with a link to enter.  You’ll also receive notice of future exclusive contests that are open only to list members, as well as our newsletter with updates on an upcoming MyShingle Summer Series.  So sign up today and salvage your summer with a free Chromebook!

Entry deadline is 5/26/2017 at 11:59 pm.  Only one entry per person


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