Start a Law Firm With A Tiny Office Ordered On Amazon

Why rent office space, when you can buy your own office – online, no less. Believe it or not, you can order a pre-fab tiny house made out of a shipping container  for just $36,000 plus delivery fees from Amazon, according to The house contains a bedroom, shower, toilette kitchenette appliances and living area which can be repurposed as an office space to work or meet clients. If you don’t like the industrial look of the Mod House, Gizmodo  has a bunch of other different options, ranging in price from $20,000 to $50,000.

Tiny houses still face many restrictions in terms of zoning laws and building codes – though it would satisfy those bonafide office ethics rules.  Moreover, perhaps zoning and code requirements could be relaxed for tiny offices, particularly those erected in remote areas or close to courthouses where demand for legal services is high. Tiny offices would also be great to set up on law school campuses where they could be staffed by law students 24/7, or in a backyard where the space could be accessed easily by a work-from-home parent.  The $36,000 cost is certainly much less than most law schools spend to start incubator programs.

What do you think? Do tiny offices have any potential for lawyers?

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