Make Money Monday: Hold Your Own Prime Day

Last Monday and Tuesday, online behemoth Amazon held its fifth annual Prime Day, a shopping holiday  of a sort where Amazon offers exclusive bargains and deals to Amazon Prime customers. The benefits of Prime Day are self-evident: Amazon can show appreciation for existing customers by offering deep discounts while racking up sales – to the tune two billion dollars  at the same time. Plus, all of the buzz surrounding Prime Day undoubtedly persuades others to jump on the Prime bandwagon.

Could the Amazon Prime concept can work for solo and small firm lawyers – albeit on a smaller scale?  Perhaps. For example, if you serve small businesses, you could offer a deeply discounted audit to existing clients.  Lawyers who handle estate planning matters could offer an inexpensive package for families with college bound students that includes HIPAA authorizations and power of attorney. For any practice area, you could send coupons to existing clients for a reduced rate strategy session that they can use themselves or pass on to a colleague. And of course, you can always celebrate clients without making money off of them — such as by hosting a Shredding Day where clients can drop off documents for shredding.

Do you think Prime Day can work for law firms? Share your thoughts below.   

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