Make Money Mondays: One a Day Wonders

In theory, we’re all aware of the power of one – like the power of writing one true sentence or lighting one candle instead of cursing the darkness, or one shot heard round the world that birthed a new nation. On the flip side, we’re also suspect of the value of one, because one can be so insignificant. It’s all too easy to blow off one day of exercise or one day of posting because it seems as if it doesn’t matte, until it morphs into one week or one month of inaction – and suddenly, one step towards something bigger deteriorates into a one-off.

Still, the power of one can be powerful for marketing because it allows attorneys to build up content quickly with just an hour a day of time or less. Back in 2019, I tried to record one video a day on starting a law practice. Though I gave up after two months, I still generated a small trove of content. But lest you give up on the power of one, here are three examples – from a lawyer, an inhouse attorney and consultant – that should revive your enthusiasm.

Ari Kaplan’s Virtual Lunches When the world shut down back in March, Ari Kaplan – one of the legal professions’ true mensches and an energetic opportunity maker – leveraged the power of Zoom to bring colleagues together for virtual noon time lunches. With so many folks isolated at home, the meetings began as a way to foster social interaction and connection, talk about trends in the profession (from e-discovery to avatars at conferences) and besides, with courts and conferences shut down, many people had time on their hands. Although the quarantine has ebbed and flowed, the lunches are still going strong, 38 weeks later. Ari has also amassed an enormous amount of content through summarizing the conversations and likely generated ideas for the articles and reports that he produces for players in the legal sector. But most of all, Ari’s lunches have helped colleagues during a time of need – and judging from the steady stream of grateful that I’ve seen attendees express, And Ari has also created an audience that will go to the mat for him – including me.

Laura Frederick‘s Daily Linked In Posts. Back in November, business and contract attorney Laura Frederick shared this remarkable post about the results she achieved from posting daily, over a period of 100 days on Linked In. Frederick recounted that her post traffic jumped from 35,572 to 1,028,392 views over that period, enabling her to expand her network. Frederick also reported that her increased visibility lead to collaborations with other lawyers and legal tech companies. Most of all, Frederick adopted the habit of spending an hour each day thinking about issues in her field, and about what sorts of posts could be most helpful to viewers.

@Josh Lenon’s Upcoming #31DaysofLegalTech Project on Twitter- Last week, Josh Lenon announced a #31DaysofLegalTech project on Twitter which begins January 31. Every day of the month, Josh will wear an article of #legaltech or #legaltech adjacent swag and promote the company with a mini review. Although the project hasn’t yet launched, I’ve written about it here because it’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas and also because I’m 100 percent confident that Josh will follow through on this one-a-day wonder.

Both Josh’s project and Laura Frederick’s experience show that a one-step project doesn’t need to last in perpetuity to delivery results (though Frederick has continued with her daily posting). If you’re not sure that you can undertake a one-a-day campaign indefinitely, do it for two months and you can still attain the same results. Or take a weekend day to generate a supply of canned content to fill the gaps if you start out posting daily and lose steam or can’t find the time.

As the saying goes, a thousand mile journey begins with one step. Building a consistent online presence and connections likewise begins with one action, once a day which can lead to one-derful results.