Make Money Mondays: Puzzle Over How to Refresh the Old and Dull

When it comes to pandemic pastimes, there’s nothing more old school than the humble jigsaw puzzle. Though I did my share of puzzles as a kid, as did my daughters, I’ve never been a rabid fan.  For starters, putting the puzzle together seemed like an awful lot of effort for something that’s later torn apart and returned to the box. That is, if you ever get that far: whenever I’ve left puzzles unfinished on a table, the pieces would inevitably spill to the floor, and disappear under the carpet or even into the vacuum cleaner.  Puzzle boxes aren’t exactly sturdy storage either and several of our family’s puzzles wound up in the trash when a moldy box gave way and the contents spilled out and mingled with other puzzles.

Not much had changed with jigsaw puzzles since my daughters were young so they didn’t offer much temptation during the pandemic. Until I discovered JiggyPuzzles which pretty much solved all of my issues.  Jiggy replaced the cardboard puzzle container with a durable jar, which makes it easy to store the pieces during the assembly process. Jiggy Puzzles come with glue included as part of the package, so as soon as the puzzle is done, the pieces can be joined forever more.

But Jiggy doesn’t just make puzzles more user friendly by solving past annoyances. Jiggy also makes puzzles more appealing by creating a new delivery mechanism for artists’ work.  Jiggy works with artists to design puzzles, which not only ensures gorgeous designs but makes buyers feel good about supporting artists with their purchases.

Did I pay more for my Jiggy Puzzle than something I’d have purchased in a cardboard box? Of course. But did I care? Not one bit.

If you’ve pieced all the way through this post, you’ve probably put together the lesson: that there are surely easy hacks to reinventing old, dull legal services into something that if not entirely irresistible can make us feel good about the experience.  Can we make documents more appealing and user friendly? Create a brief cover worthy of framing on the wall? Develop a Twofer model like the one that Tom’s has long adopted and that I wrote about almost nine years ago. The question  of how we can reinvent and refresh standard legal services is a puzzle – and it’s one that I’ll have on my mind as a project for 2021. How about you?

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