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Did you know that your Retainer Agreement can make you money?

That is, if you’re not using one of those stale, eight-page tomes chock full of legalese that clients can’t understand.

Or one of those outdated forms from a retired lawyer that still references fax machines and billing rates for secretaries. 

Here’s the problem.  There are lots of ways that lawyers can earn more money.  They can outsource work, or communicate with clients through a time-saving online portal or accept referral fees or even advise clients who want a third party to foot the bill. 

But here’s the sad truth:  You can’t avail yourself of these options unless your Retainer Agreement includes express provisions disclosing or explaining them to clients.

You won’t find these clauses in form bar association templates because many bars don’t care if lawyers make money.  And you won’t find these kinds of clauses in generic online template agreements for small businesses because they don’t take into account ethics obligations required of lawyers.

I’ve developed a solution to this problem — the Legal ClauseIt, chock full of plug and play power pacts for lawyers.  The ClauseIt contains over 30 template agreements, including retainer agreements, consultation agreements, Independent Contractor/Freelance Attorney agreements, of counsel and more along with a sample Client Procedure Manual and Website terms of service including sample retainer agreements. Plus, you’ll also receive 25 bonus stand alone clauses that you can include in your retainer agreement or Client Procedure manual.  And all of this is accompanied by an 80-page guide that explains the business and ethics reasons for various clauses so you can decide whether to keep them in or take them out.

The Legal ClauseIt launch is still ten days away, but in the meantime, if you want a sneak peak, register for the Clause A Day offer.  If you sign up, each day, you’ll receive one of the following clauses to use, as well as a huge discount on the Legal ClauseIt product once it launches. Plus if you sign up today, you may be one of the TEN lucky lawyers chosen to receive a FREE copy of the LegalClauseIt in exchange for an honest review. 

Here are the daily clauses you’ll receive:

Day 1:  The Clause That Refreshes – Refresh your retainer agreement with a 21st century with a clause that requires clients to communicate with you via a client portal only.

Day 2:  Don’t Clause the Door on a Third Party Payor:  Client can’t pay the bill?  Maybe a relative or friend will agree and there’s nothing wrong with that, so long as you include this clause in your agreement with your client.

Day 3: Just Clause to Terminate a Client: You don’t need a reason to terminate a client, but laying the foundation for doing it in a retainer agreement can make it go down much easier if you reach that point.

Day 4:  Clause & Effect: Just snagged a lucrative referral fee? Congrats! But as a result, now you need to make sure that the fee is disclosed to the client. Here’s a clause to help you make sure that the referral fee will take effect.

Day 5: Don’t Stand So Clause to Me:  Clients may expect that you’ll do 100 percent of the work on their matter once they’ve signed the engagement. But if you want to grow your firm and balance work load, you’ll need to delegate.  Here’s a clause to use when you want to prevent clients from depending on only you.

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