MyShingle’s Annual Report for 2021

Dear Readers,

As we reach the end of 2021, I wanted to thank all of you for your support of MyShingle and also let you know what we’ve been up to.  First, I’m excited to announce that the site is undergoing a renovation which will make it easier to find all of the content that lurks within! Expect the facelift to be finalized sometime in early 2022. But our site isn’t the only place to find content – this year, MyShingle has revived our Instagram Account, The One in A Million Lawyer and our MyShingle Facebook Page and launched a MyShingle Facebook Group where you can find several free forms and templates that aren’t available elsewhere.  Even more exciting, you can now find us here on TikTok where we’ll be posting on the trials and tribulations of starting a law firm, along with an adorable and healthy dose of doggy!

In keeping with our mission of providing plug and play tools that lawyers can use right out of the gate, we released the Legal Clause-It (or Forms for Firms) along with a couple of mini video tutorials that you can find at the clause-it link.  Stay tuned in 2022 for a live tutorial on creating a retainer agreement and client policy package. 

As we’ve done for the past few years, we hosted our annual webinar, Make This Year, the Law You Start Your Practice.  It’s two hours long, so settle in with a glass of wine or cup of cocoa to watch before the year expires.

Finally, MyShingle wouldn’t have the sticking power it has over the years without the content that has always been the heart and soul of the site.  Below are a couple of our most popular an influential posts of 2022:

Ownership Is Having A Moment – MyShingle’s Nineteenth Anniversary Post, documenting the growing recognition of and respect for the transformative power and value of ownership. 

Why Lawyers Should Offer CLE on Porn Hub and Not Through Providers  Most lawyers don’t get paid to give CLE.  But could they if they offered it on Porn Hub?

Do You Want To Share Your Value With Law FIrms That Don’t Share Your Values? You don’t have to compromise your values when you own it.

Law Firm Ownership and Diversity in the Legal Profession – Ownership can serve as part of the solution to our profession’s diversity problems.

What If Today Were Your Last Day To….  Life is short.  Own it!

If You Must Hire an Unpaid Intern, There’s a Contract for That – We prefer paying workers. But if you truly can’t, here’s a way to work with unpaid interns.

Clubhouse for Lawyers Though it doesn’t have the buzz it did a year ago, Clubhouse is still a great way for lawyers to interact and maybe find clients.

Dear Law Firm of Mine – This post is from the end of that year (2020) that will live in infamy but it’s also a reminder to take the time to reflect on what you built and how it carried you.

As always, take some time to shut down and enjoy the last few days of the year.  Happy 2022 and we will see you on the other side!



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