Watch Me Start a Law Firm So I Can Help You Start YOUR Law Firm!!!

So.  Are you interested in starting your own law firm, but have no idea where to start?

Or maybe you went a little further and registered for a CLE on starting a firm only to find that the program devolved to war stories with not much in the way of practical advice.  You may have even read my book Solo by Choice or posts at this blog but still feel like you need more hands on guidance and support to keep moving forward.

I get it.  Moving from concept to commercialization or idea to implementation is hard.  For starters, it’s easy to get bogged down with decisions and choices at every juncture.  Which makes the process take two or three times as long which only delays your opening day when you can start bringing money in the door.

So that’s why I’m inviting you to watch me start a law firm!  That’s right – even though I’ve operated a successful law firm in the biglaw, male-dominated energy industry for 25 years, it’s time for me to build something new that’s more scalable than my current firm.  The first batch of how-to videos are FREE and accessible by registering here.

  1. Putting Your Vision to Paper With a One-Sheet or a Pitch Deck
  2. Choosing a Law Firm Name
  3. Setting Up Your Email + Domain Name
  4. Set Up PW Management
  5. Setting Up a Virtual Mailbox
  6. Setting Up Your Calendar
  7. Setting Up a Communications Platform
  8. Setting Up Auto-Appointment Scheduling Tools
  9. Setting Up Loom

Stay Tuned For:

  1. Selecting Corporate Structure
  2. Procuring an EIN
  3. Bank Account & Trust Account Set U
  4. Your Payment Platform
  5. Accounting Software

AND MORE!  All of these materials will lay the foundation for the much-promised Start a Law Firm community.  To register for the links, click here.

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