Sidehustles for Lawyers:  How To Achieve Your Dream on Your Schedule Legally and Ethically

As you’ve probably heard a million times already, we’re living in the age of the Great Reassessment where employees are rethinking their priorities and leaving their jobs to pursue their passion.   

But for lawyers suffocating under the weight of crushing student debt, or longing to retire but not confident they can afford it, the reality is that the dream of work that matters may have to stay on hold.

Or does it?  

You don’t have to risk it all to have it all!

Say hello to the side hustle – work that you can take on in addition to your day job whether you’re looking to embark on a new career path, engage in fulfilling work, ease into your own law practice or simply earn some extra cash. 

In this Master Class on Sidehustles for Lawyers, we’ll cover the following:

Real-life examples of the wide range of sidehustles for lawyers – from entirely non-legal pursuits to part-time law practice and non-profits;

Benefits of side hustles and when and whether to transition a side hustle to full-time 

Legal considerations related to side-hustles including existing employment contracts, IP ownership, tax issues, remote and online business operation and appropriate business structure;

Ethics regulations governing law-related services and attorney side hustles.

Free and low cost tools, hacks and services (including virtual assistants) to keep your side hustle running smoothly.

Don’t defer your dreams one minute longer.  Join us for this FREE 90-minute masterclass on Thursday, June 23 at 1 pm ET so you can start achieving your dream on your schedule.

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