An Idea from India

These days, the legal profession is sending work out to India.  But here’s an idea from India that might be worth a look over here.  According to this article, Lawyers Demand Stipends, Loans cities.expressindia (11/26/04), the Kharar Bar Association is demanding stipends and interest free loans from the government for junior lawyers to enable them to start their law practices.  The loans, which would last for five years, would help new lawyers pay for books, offices and vehicles.  The Kharar Bar also urged the government to set up libraries at every district in the state to benefit lawyers.  Finally, the bar argued that the Bar Council of India should constitute special committees, comprising senior lawyers, at each district headquarter to train the junior lawyers, also demanded the KBA, besides urging that it should be made mandatory for each senior lawyer to train a fixed number of junior lawyers and senior lawyers should also be asked to pay monthly emolument to the junior lawyers, attached with them.

All ideas that could help new solos in the U.S. get their practices off the ground.  Wonder where we’ll see these ideas implemented first?