Lawyers Outside the Law

This past weekend, I came across four articles about lawyers – mostly those who’ve started their own practices – who’ve found success but nevertheless left the law for  non-legal careers.   There’s Noah Lippman,  a 45 year old criminal defense attorney on Wall Street with his own lucrative practice who’s now a high school history teacher (though still of counsel at his firm).  There’s 50 year old Florida criminal defense attorney Ed Stafman who did well enough after 25 years of law practice to throw himself into a Rabbinic program where he’s studying to become a Rabbi.   And in the entertainment field, lawyer Dan Neal recently released a CD while 40 something Roger Schroeder who teaches law part time at UCLA will see his screenplay, A Boyfriend for Christmas as a Hallmark holiday television special.

For Neal and Schroeder, they continued to practice even as they pursued their entertainment careers.  But Lippman and Stafman made almost a clean break, realizing over a period of time that their legal careers weren’t generating enough satisfaction to warrant staying.  So for those who’ve wondered, I guess that’s how to tell when it’s time to go.

Anyone else out there ever pursue a second career or thinking about leaving the law?  Send us a comment and share your experience with us.