Impact of Blogging on Solo and Small Firm Practitioners

Back in December, I had the amazing privilege of sharing a panel at Norwestern’s Fourth Annual Judicial Symposium on Civil Justice Issues with Eugene Volokh and Mark Herrmann, co-founder and former blogger at Drug and Device Law (as an aside, Herrmann’s last word as a blogger came in this article on both the pros as well as the considerable cons of blogging, particularly at biglaw).  While my colleagues addressed the impact of blogging on scholarship and law practice, I focused my introductory remarks on the impact that blogging has had for solo and small firm practitioners.  It’s an issue that hasn’t gotten much attention, though as you can tell from my comments, I’m optimistic about the role that blogging can play in improving the quality of legal services that resource-strapped solos and small firm lawyers provide to our clients.  To view the other panelists, visit here.

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