MyShingle’s Been Sued in Rakofsky v. the Internet

After seven and a half years of blogging at MyShingle, I thought that I’d seen the last of my firsts. But thanks to Joseph Rakofsky and the Rakofsky Law Firm PC, is one of multiple defendants named in this first ever law suit against my site, keeping company with Above the Law, the Washington Post, the American Bar Associationand a whole host of other bloggers. Here is what I have to say about this matter. First, I stand by everything I’ve written on the matter and I have a longstanding policy of not taking down blog posts. Second, I will not be bullied. I will continue to write posts sharing my opinion — whether complimentary or critical — on the conduct of other lawyers consistent with my blog’s mission to educate solo and small firm lawyers. Though this lawsuit isn’t a club to which I ever wished an invitation, nonetheless, I intend to vigorously defend against this matter. I am proud to stand in the company of the other bloggers who take the time to post on ethical standards and appropriate lawyer conduct within our profession and grateful to have the collective support of so many solo and small firm lawyers.

Update: The co-defendant posts are coming in. Here’s Scott Greenfield at
Simple Justice. (I’m busy today but I’ll do a full update tonight).