How to Get a Piece of Ken Adams, Without Paying An Arm or a Leg

As a solo, I can’t afford Ken Adams, ABA Legal Rebel and contract drafter extraordinaire.  I know this because Ken himself has told me so when I’ve inquired about his services.  Not arrogantly or bluntly, but matter-of-factly.  After all, when you’ve written the definitive guide on contract drafting, you can pretty much command any price you want.

So you can imagine my excitement (hey – you can even see my excitement in the photo!) when I learned at the recent ABA Tech Show that Ken had gone low-brow, taking his skills to the masses by creating a template contract for a non-disclosure agreement. Only trust me – this is not the kind of pedestrian form that most lawyers commonly deride.  It’s craftsmanship.

Ken walked me through the four page agreement (you can view a demo online), and showed how I could customize it to my needs by filling in a couple of responses in some spots (for example, to insert the parties’ names, type of NDA and description of the transaction) and checking boxes in others (such as number of parties, gender or choice of forum).  Most importantly for someone like me with limited transactional experience, each selection option is accompanied by a fairly thorough explanation.

So why is Ken’s Koncision NDA such a big deal?  After all, based on the massive number of junky templates that dominate the Internet, you’d think that slapping together a template would be the easiest thing in the world. It’s not. As Ken guided me through the form, I felt as if I had access to the inner workings of his mind listening to his explanation of the development process and how he needed to think three steps ahead to figure out how a particular response to one question might impact the range of choices needed for subsequent questions.  Crafting a form that covers the universe of possibilities is an incredibly complex task – yet the final product looks as if it were effortless to users.  And the result of this partnership between man and machine is a quality, bespoke product for a modest price.

You might be thinking – who the heck cares about non-disclosure agreements anyway?  If I’ve got to customize the agreement anyway, then why should I even both to spend fifty dollars for something that I can download free?  Two reasons.  First of all, even when you use a template, you’re still going to bill clients for an NDA – and it’s probably going to cost more than fifty dollars.  Second, though the NDA process has been routinized, if you represent start-ups or inventors, the NDA represents the first step in what will hopefully evolve into an ongoing relationship. So why not impress your client with a clean, elegant contract crafted by the best and that you can prepare in under an hour without risking the potential for error that, for example,  cutting and pasting an existing template may entail.

Check out Ken’s new product and see if it would meet your needs.  At the very least, it’s a way to get a piece of Ken Adams without spending an arm and a leg. To see what others are saying, visit Ken’s site.

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