Make Money Monday: Get Some Traction With a Call to Action

So here are some more interesting marketing statistics: it can take as many as eight customer interactions (or touches) to get a face to face meeting with a potential customer and in fact, 80 percent of sales are made between the 6th and 12th customer touch.  As a lawyer, you may be wondering how this data is relevant when lawyers can’t call prospective clients by phone or knock on their doors. But here’s the thing that lawyers can do: keep in touch by providing useful information.

Content marketing is one way to establish a touch point with clients. And if you’re fortunate, a client will return voluntarily to read your blog or check out your firm’s Facebook page. But the best way to assess clients’ potential interest in your service and to position yourself to make an ongoing connection is by creating a call to action.

For those unfamiliar, a call to action is a marketing term that refers to any device designed to prompt an immediate response.  For lawyers, a call to action typically consists of anything from an ask to join the firm’s mailing list to a tip sheet, ebook, assessment test or quiz or checklist. Depending upon the device you choose, you may educate a prospect about potential claims, help clients assess whether they have a case or simply engage them in learning a new bit of trivia. But in all cases, you will capture the web visitor’s contact information, thus enabling you to keep in touch through newsletters and other educational materials.   As a result, if and when the prospect is ready to hire a lawyer, you’ll be at the front of their mind. 

Have you ever tried a call to action at your website? What kinds of results did you generate?  Please share your experience in the comments.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock