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Make Money Mondays: Take the Time to Say Thank You

Many years ago, one of the partners from my former law firm referred me a case and to thank him, I treated him to lunch – albeit six months later. As we finished up our meal, I apologized for my delay in showing my appreciation, to which the partner remarked that I was the first person…

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Make Money Monday: Get Some Traction With a Call to Action

So here are some more interesting marketing statistics: it can take as many as eight customer interactions (or touches) to get a face to face meeting with a potential customer and in fact, 80 percent of sales are made between the 6th and 12th customer touch.  As a lawyer, you may be wondering how this…

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Make Money Mondays: Promote Your Firm Through MicroInfluencers

In the increasingly crowded online space, solo and small firms can have difficulty being found. SEO and pay-per-click schemes are frequently pricey often lures clients focused only on cost or who were already declined by other law firms.  Blogging can increase visibility and attract a more educated breed of clients but creating enough content to…

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Make Money Mondays: Back to the Future With Housecalls

As the saying goes, everything old is new again.  Look around: Vintage clothing is nearly always in fashion.  Community supported agriculture and buying produce local and direct from farms as folks did back in the day is on the rise.  And now it seems,house-calls for doctors are making a comeback, enabled by the same technology that powers 21st…

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Make Money Mondays: Infiltrate A CoWorking Space

As I wrote a few year’s back, there’s been a surge in co-working spaces for lawyers – a trend that my colleague Nicole Black predicts will continue. But lawyers need not limit themselves to lawyer-specific co-working spaces – which are not yet available in all cities.  And in fact, as one large law firm found, establishing…

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Make Money Mondays: Declutter Your Law Office.

Recent news articles and blog posts are — somewhat ironically — now cluttered with articles about the so-called queen of decluttering, Marie Kondo — star of the Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Now, you can add this post to the pile.  Because today’s tip for Make Money Mondays is to declutter your law…

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Make Money Monday: Joint Marketing Venture

In the online world, joint venture marketing is commonplace.  From affiliate marketing (not my personal cup of tea) to partnering to produce webinars and other online programs, entrepreneurs leverage collaboration for mutual financial success. The same, however, isn’t true for most lawyers who are so focused on what can go wrong with joint ventures —…

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Make Money Monday: Values-Based Marketing

Welcome to 2019, the year of equilibrium, reports  Forbes . Whereas in 2018, consumers were eager to escape reality and sought out brands that “offered people moments of respite from the daily grind,” now, according to a recent consumer trends report , “people are seeking equilibrium in all aspects of their lives – between humans and…

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