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Make Money Mondays: How About A Side of Project?

Roughly a dozen years ago, when blogs and search engine optimization began gaining real traction as tools for finding clients, I celebrated the democratization of lawyer marketing. No longer would solos and smalls be forced to compete with large mill operations that could buy up the back cover of every edition of the Yellow Pages…

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Make Money Mondays: Ethical Use of Law Firm Finance Companies

One of the best ways to make money for your law firm is to find money for your clients to pay your bills.  In a previous post,  I described a number of approaches to finding money including identifying fee-shifting statutes, available insurance policies, crowdfunding and third-party financing.  Many lawyers confuse third-party financing with litigation financing in…

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Spend Money Mondays with MyShingle’s Holiday Gift Guides

For the past year and a half, the first day of the work week here at MyShingle has been Make Money Mondays , where I’ve shared a new marketing or practice idea to help your firm grow its revenue.  If you’ve followed the feature and applied our advice, you ought to have some extra spending…

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Make Money Mondays: Recycle and Repurpose Your Firm’s Leftover Content

For some people, the leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving.   As much we look forward to the traditional feast of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie (along with whatever else your family includes in their menu), sometimes after all the anticipation, the traditional food can seem a bit too…

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Make Money Monday: Show Off Your Clients & Colleagues

For decades, the imaginary Christmastime world of Santa and elves and the North Pole settles into a real-time home in the acclaimed Macy’s Department Store’s annual Holiday Window Display.  But in true 21-st century fashion, this year, Macy’s will play IRL host to another type of ethereal universe that exists only online:  Facebook. According to…

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Make Money Mondays: How Not to Blog: A Reprisal

Seven years ago, I penned a post, How NOT to Blog at the now defunct Nolo Legal Marketing Blawg . Clearly, my influence is very limited because the offenses that I cited – from undated posts, lack of attribution, reliance on unpaid crowd-sourced content to make a buck and posts without links – remain common…

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3 Ways to Win Over a Judge Before Showing up in the Court

Long before entering a courtroom, you can improve your chances of winning by positively predisposing a judge to you and your case. Learn how here.