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MyShingle Fashion: Another Look Featuring the Year-Round Cardigan

After a well deserved hiatus, our fashion columnist, Huma Rashid is back.  Celebrate!  Send her emails! Go out and shop for end of summer and fall!  And, if you have a lifestyle column – on travel, sports, restaurants, movies, stuff to do with friends or kids or whatever fun activity floats your boat, drop me…

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Fashion Help For Solo Lawyers – And Seeking Help for Lifestyle Columns

Not sure about what to wear to a CLE or your summer internship or to argue a motion in court? As you know, our intrepid law student columnist (now-buried-in-finals) Huma Rashid has been covering the fashion beat for MyShingle for almost a year. But if you need more personalized advice about specific outfits, now you…

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MyShingle Fashion: Pulling Off Wide Leg Pants

That sounds a little odd, doesn’t it? I promise, this post is not about disrobing. It’s about pulling off a rather challenging look: the wide leg pants. Wide leg pants add width to the body, and so you run the risk of wearing a not-so-flattering outfit. Not so terrible in the grand scheme of things,…

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MyShingle Fashion: A Suiting Look That Goes Both Ways

It’s no secret by now that I’m a big fan of comfortable outfits. Even when I’m wearing a monkey suit, I’m always trying to make it somehow comfortable for me. For example, I don’t wear heels that are too high – or I wear a suit with pants that have been hemmed for flats, if…

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MyShingle Fashion: When Black Dresses Get A Little Boring…

I’m with you ladies – I love a little black dress. (A little black work-appropriate dress; it’s not like I’m recommending you wear your cocktail dresses to the office.) Black dresses are incredibly versatile and can be worn any different number of ways, and if you’ve got a couple that are knee-length, possibly with sleeves…

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MyShingle Fashion: Purple Pleats

Pleats can be tricky, but in general, I’m a fan. They’re a great way to add interest to an article of clothing and a polished touch to an outfit. So I picked out a lovely purple pleated dress for today’s outfit, and created the ensemble around it. In fact, today’s entire outfit can be found…

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MyShingle Fashion: A Classic Grey Suit

I know that I normally try to bring in a lot of colors and textures and all that when I create outfits for this feature, but sometimes I like to go back to basics and work with grey and black. There’s just something so simple and elegant about that combination – it just works. For…

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MyShingle: Warm, Laid-Back Style

Everything is dreary and dull outside, with overcast skies and small, dejected piles of grey and black snow, so I felt like putting together something comfortable with warm colors. Some days, you just don’t want to put on the silk blouse and the pumps – you want something a little more easy-going, something low-maintenance. If…

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